Healing THE WORLD through





Healing is a Process of Conscious Change

In order to change the world, we have to begin by changing ourselves.

We have to change our consciousness.

Healing our world begins with healing our hearts.

Healing our hearts allows us to live in the world with greater compassion.

In order to manifest the beautiful world that O’Sensei envisioned, we must practice daily to cultivate and embody the qualities of

Truth ~ Goodness ~ Beauty ~ Love

Welcome to ACI

Cultivate a healthy body, clear mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.

O'Sensei's Core Teachings

  • True Victory is Self Victory done Swiftly  
  • Victory means to utterly defeat the mind of contention that exists within. 
  • Align to your Purpose and the Universe will Support You
  • True budo is to set things aright, to establish world peace and to nourish and protect all things with the power of love.
  • Aikido is the Study of Spirit
  • Love is like the rays of the sun, bathing everything in light.


Following WWII, O’Sensei declared: 

“From here forward the warriors of Aikido will practice to protect the environment, prevent war and serve society.”


Being willing to change, allows for change to happen...

"Using her passion, experience, wisdom, knowledge and grace, Denise Barry masterfully creates a loving, compassionate, structured and safe environment which honors and allows the authentic self to emerge and find it's true nature and it's true path." ~ Melannie Thomas
"I have been learning and growing from Denise Barry Sensei for the past 27 years. My life has been forever changed by her coaching. Through her instruction, I have been given the tools that I need to bring myself into alignment, even under circumstances of stress. I have gained the ability to be peaceful and calm while remaining effective in my actions and words. As a physician, I find these skills to be essential for providing a healing environment for my patients As a mother and wife, the teachings I have taken from Sensei have helped our family to create a home filled with mutual respect and emotional safety. Denise Barry Sensei has a wealth of experience and a special gift for helping others walk their own path. ~ Jade Dardine M.D.
Embodying the Aiki Principles that Denise Barry Sensei teaches so masterfully, has, for the first time in my life, given me immediate relief from my ongoing anxiety issues. I am so grateful! ~ LG

Find inner peace by diving below the surface.

Once you allow yourself to settle down and relax a bit, the magnificence of your being can reveal itself to you and the world.

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