August 29, 2019

Living an embodied Life

A 4-Week Module

Why? An embodied life supports a balanced, joyful and awakened state of being. It is the vehicle through which healing and empowerment occur.It is the ballast for navigating strong energies and turbulent times.

How? We engage a process in which mind, body and spirit are experientially collaborating and co-creating a unified field of Presence. How do we know we are there? Because our experience of ourself and the world we are in, begins to change; for the better. We use gentle movement, inquiry, focusing, dialogue and partner practices to experience ourselves at a better level.

What? The practices in this module will draw from the Lineage and Principles of Aiki Consciousness. We will practice cultivating a relationship with ourself, our body/mind, our awareness, our ground, our center, our breath, our alignment, our energy and those energies that flow through us. We will work with true relaxation which will allow our stress levels to decrease and our vitality and creativity to increase.

Where? In the beautiful and serene studio of the Aiki Consciousness Institute in Sebastopol.

 Mondays 6 – 7:30 pm

Sept. 16, 2019  thru October 7, 2019

Cost $125

(Enroll early! Space is limited. Pre-registration required)

Facilitator: Denise Barry Sensei began walking the Aiki Path 43 years ago and has run her own school for the past 25 years. The foundation of Aikido is to be grounded in an embodied state in order to allow the energies of life to move through us in a harmonious way. She deeply believes that these practices are the bedrock for navigating challenging life situations as well as increasing our ability to be present for the most intimate of life’s moments. Life, death, trauma, healing, partnerships, accomplishments, setbacks, celebrations and simply experiencing the joy of a moment. Through compassion, humor, storytelling, encouragement, clarity, honesty and clear mirroring, she supports her students in their journey of integrating an embodied presence with the challenges of daily life.

1070 Gravenstein Hwy. South Suite 200 Sebastopol, CA 95472

email: ~ 707.829.9550