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In order to change the world, we have to begin by changing ourselves. We have to change our consciousness. Healing our world begins with healing our hearts. Healing our hearts allows us to live in the world with greater compassion. In order to manifest the beautiful world that O’Sensei envisioned, we must practice daily to cultivate and embody the qualities of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Love. O’Sensei gave us a profound set of teachings and practices that when engaged, embodied and integrated, allows each of us to become the essential medicine the world needs to heal. It allows us to manifest and embody Love. The Principles of Aiki are both the vehicle and the map for this important journey. When practiced daily and ultimately mastered, the unification of mind, body and spirit allows us to experience our own wholeness. From this place of wholeness, it becomes much easier to feel freedom which allows us to choose to contribute to making the world a more beautiful, loving and peaceful place.